Essential Furniture that You Will Need for Your Salon

Whether you plan to open up your own beauty salon or day spa, there is this one important factor that you must invest wisely in — salon furniture. Your salon should be fully furnished with the essentials to ensure that your hired professionals can work conveniently and that your clients or customers can be accommodated comfortably.

When designing your salon, you have to keep top of mind the type of salon furniture that you will need to be placed for each functional area:

Trimming and cutting area – Though you can use multi-purpose chairs for your salon, your haircut area would do best using specialized haircut chairs or barber chairs. These types of chairs are more convenient to adjust and position during the cutting and trimming procedures. Your haircut area should also be furnished with multifunctional racks or trays that will hold your essential haircutting equipment.

Hair treatment area – Your hair treatment area will be mostly used for shampooing, coloring, perms, and drying. You will need this area to be furnished with different types of chair. Use shampoo chairs, which commonly have arm rests, for your shampooing area; use styling chairs for your styling and perm area; and you can simply use trendy and comfortable mid-back chairs for the drying area.

Reception area – This is the place where you will receive your customers and the place where they will be asked to sit while waiting for their turns, so this place should be furnished with comfortable chairs where they can easily lounge and read books or magazines, or even watch TV. Use a wide reception desk that your receptionists will find convenient when accommodating and booking customers. The waiting chairs could be couches or sofas that the customers may enjoy sitting in.

Most importantly, your salon should be furnished with large mirrors and tables in every working area, even in the reception and waiting area.

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